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UNAwheel Maxi

The UNAwheel Maxi is the next big thing in front-attaching power assists. With a powerful 450W motor it leads the competition in torque and throttle response, making for a very fun ride. A high quality Lithium battery gives it a dependable charge of up to 15 miles and years of enjoyment without worry of battery damage or drain. 

  • Motor: 450W 36V Brushless High-Torque Hub Motor

  • Top Speed: 14.2 MPH

  • Battery: 36V 8Ah 228Wh - Within IATA limit of 300Wh, allowing air travel

  • Capacity: Approximately 15 miles per charge

  • Wheel Diameter: 14"

  • Total Unit Weight: 29 lbs

  • Gearing: 4 speed modes and Reverse mode

  • Brake: Integrated drum brake and parking brake

  • Climbing Capacity: up to a 14% grade

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 265 lbs

Speak to us today to see if the UNAwheel Maxi is a good fit for you!

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